Release notes for test builds are on the wiki at Snackr's Google Code site.

Version 0.41

  • Fixed Google Reader integration to stop using an older unsupported authentication scheme. (Thanks to Rob Adams for this work.)
  • Now requires AIR 1.5.3 or later.
  • Options icon is now a gear instead of whatever that weird icon was I made up originally.
  • feed:// URLs now work.
  • Possible fix for reported intermittent memory leaks when Google Reader integration is enabled.

Version 0.39

  • Many bugfixes.
  • Implemented ability to "star" items so you can read them later. Click the star icon in the item popup to star an item, then read starred items by clicking the star icon in the ticker tab.
  • Added option to configure feed fetch interval globally (#54). This is at the bottom of the Feeds tab in the Options popup. You can also force all feeds to get refreshed here.
  • Added option to set transparency of ticker window (#55). This is in the Preferences tab of the Options popup.
  • Added initial version of Google Reader integration (by Rob Adams)--woohoo! This keeps your feed lists and read items synchronized between Reader and Snackr. You can set this up from the Getting Started popup, or go to the Options Popup and click on the Google Reader tab. Some caveats:
    • Please back up your feed database AND your Google Reader feed list before turning on Google Reader integration!
    • If you delete a feed in Snackr, it will automatically be deleted in Reader as well (and if you add a feed in Snackr, it will get added to Reader too). We plan to make this optional in the future.
    • If you have a lot of feeds or read items in Google Reader, the ticker may stutter a bit after you first connect as it synchronizes everything.
    • Items from your Reader feeds won't show up until a couple minutes after you first connect (if the ticker is already running when you connect).
    • NOTE: Starred items are not yet being synced with Google Reader.
    • Actions you take in Snackr like reading items or adding/deleting feeds will show up in Google Reader more or less immediately; actions you take in Google Reader will take a bit longer to show up in Snackr, since Snackr polls Reader every ten minutes or so.
  • Added a copy/post menu in the item popup (the arrow icon next to the star) to let you copy the item URL to the clipboard, email it, post it to, or make a short URL. Future versions will make this extensible so you can add your own commands.
  • Snackr now minimizes to the system tray (Windows)/dock (OS X) by default. To get the old collapsing behavior back, uncheck the option in the Preferences tab of the Options popup.
  • You can now horizontally resize Snackr when it's vertical (thanks Matthew Boedicker). You can't resize it when it's horizontal yet.
  • Added option to make Snackr not show up in the taskbar on Windows. You can uncheck this from the Preferences tab in the Options popup.
  • Added option to auto-start Snackr at login (also in the Preferences tab).
  • Added option to always show newest items across all feeds, rather than picking random feeds to show the newest items from. This is intended for use by people who always want to see the absolute latest stuff that comes in.
    • If you choose this, you should probably reduce the feed check interval in the Feeds tab of the Options popup as well.
    • Note that for feeds that don't do a good job of timestamping, or feeds that update very often, you'll end up seeing large clumps of items from the same feed.

Version 0.33

  • Snackr now properly renders item titles with non-Latin characters.
  • You can now select multiple feeds and delete them from the feed list.
  • Bug fixes that should eliminate duplicate items when there's only one item left in a given feed. Behavior still isn't great when you only have a few feeds and few items in each.
  • Stay-on-top (and other options) should be properly remembered between invocations now.

Version 0.3

  • First public version.