Snackr docked at bottomSnackr docked at side

What's Snackr? It's an RSS ticker that pulls random items from your feeds and scrolls them across your desktop. When you see a title that looks interesting, you can click on it to pop up the item in a window.

How do I get it? If you're running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, just click the "Install Now" button over there on the right. If that doesn't work, download and install the Adobe AIR runtime, then download and run the Snackr installer manually.

What's this AIR thing? Snackr was built using Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR. AIR makes it really easy to build cross-platform desktop apps using web technologies like AJAX, Flash and Flex. The Adobe AIR runtime will be installed when you install Snackr. Go ahead. It's pretty small. It won't bite you.

How do I get Snackr out of my way? It's overlapping my dock/taskbar. A few different ways:

  • Move your dock/taskbar. Snackr is way more important.
  • You can drag Snackr a little ways and let go to "throw" it to different sides of your screen or onto a different monitor. Or you can set the docking side/monitor in the Preferences tab of the  Options popup.
  • You can also collapse it temporarily using the  Collapse button on the ticker.
  • You can turn off "always on top" in the Preferences tab of the  Options popup.

Is there a Snackr blog? Yes, in the Snackr category on my blog, much ado about something. You can also follow snackr on twitter.

I found a bug / have a feature request. You can file it in the Google Code issue tracker, or feel free to just send me mail.

Can I get the source? Yes! Snackr's source code is hosted on Google Code. Interim test builds will be posted there as well, for the brave of heart.

I have more questions. Great! Check out the FAQ.